Costing only $42,000 (less than a new, very nice pickup truck),
This property dates from when this land was a cotton and tobacco farm. Rumors have it that the farm was a plantation in use before the Civil War.
AT&T and Randolph County REMC could not supply Electricity and Phone/DSL service to Spoon Lane until a clear layout of the home sites was established. And home site locations could not established until well locations and septic system locations were located and approved by Alamance County Planning Department and Alamance County public Health Department. Therefore the first Technicians/Engineers called in to survey were Soil Scientists and County Heath experts who located all the available septic soils for at least 3 bedroom septic systems. As a bonus, a few homes had the potential for 4 and 5 bedroom houses. After proper septic soils were determined by the Soil Scientists, the surveyor established the allowable number of buildings sites by adding one road off of Spoon Lane created a subdivision of 12 sites. Based on suggestions from the Alamance County Health and Alamance County Planning Departments, some of the building sites had remote perk sites pumping from building sites to perk fields with acceptable soils. These lots were #4, #5 and #7. With the exception of #7, the developer had the 1000ft of septic pipes pre-installed by a professional and the work was approved by the County Health department. Access to the remote perk sites is granted by the State along the 20ft or 40ft wide access paths designed on the filed and approved plat plan of Timber Ridge Estates #1 & #2. The remote perks sites are deeded with Lots #4 and #5 and cannot be separated.
After the County Plat and Septic approvals were granted, next came the buried REMC electricity and AT&T phone/DSL lines. finally Bunton Road was constructed to approved NC DOT standards for a subdivision with 6 houses. Bunton Drive is a private, paved cul-de-sac road originating off of Spoon Lane.